Cloud Services


Your Business Isn’t Limited. Neither is Your Technology.

Reliable and secure, our suite of enterprise cloud offerings enable employees and teams to collaborate anywhere, while keeping critical data safe and accessible.

Backed by our team of tech experts, DataPerk’s cloud solutions are completely customizable to fit the size and needs of any business, making it easy to find a solution that makes the day easier. Want to learn more about how DataPerk’s cloud services can help your business grow? Call or click today to speak to a Tech Expert, and start seeing the benefits of cloud computing!

DataPerk’s Cloud Services

  • Email Hosting:
    DataPerk’s secure, hosted webmail enables teams to have access to email from anywhere, with less cost than exchange accounts. Accessible from anywhere using an internet enabled device, employees are able to communicate and collaborate on the go, anytime. When the added protection of DataPerk Spam Filtration and Virus Protection, email will be both secure, and available, anytime.
  • Office 365:
    Experience the power of having mail, calendar, contacts and to do lists available from virtually anywhere! Teams are empowered through Office 365, including Microsoft Outlook, and never miss a message. Fully scalable to match the needs of any organization, companies benefit from being able to store Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations to their 365 account, having them on hand and ready whenever they’re needed. DataPerk offers complete support, installation, upgrades, and training of Office 365 for our partners.
  • Storage and Backup:
    While local backups may seem safe and reliable, unforeseen disasters can prevent them from being effective for companies. Cloud storage is fast becoming a supplement to the strongest storage and backup plans, offering the security of knowing that in the event that a local backup fails, a business’s critical data is readily available, with easy access to get back to business quickly.

Why DataPerk Cloud?

Imagine having the kind of connectivity that enables teams to share and collaborate, from virtually anywhere. Imagine the possibility of not having to worry about losing critical data in the event of a disaster. Imagine resting easy, knowing that you won’t lose potential clients due to downtime. When making the move to DataPerk’s Cloud Services, our partners step into a world of security and accessibility.

DataPerk’s Cloud Computing Services Offer:

  • Reduced Costs

    Save Money! DataPerk’s Cloud Services can reduce costs through hardware savings and through reducing maintenance labor hours that go along with traditional in house set ups.

  • Easy Adaptability

    DataPerk’s Cloud Services are designed to be scalable for any size needs! Our partners get exactly what they need, with the added benefit of being able to grow their cloud solutions as the business grows.

  • Increased Collaboration

    Work smarter. Enable teams to work from anywhere! Teams can collaborate on projects not from just within the office, but from almost any location.

  • Increased Up Time

    Keep it up! Don’t lose clients because of down websites or programs. DataPerk’s Cloud Services have leading industry up times, meaning less worry, and more productivity.

  • Backup and Recovery

    Disasters aren’t disastrous. With DataPerk’s cloud computing options, critical documents and data are backed up and secure, enabling operations to get back to normal, faster.

Did You Know…

84% of CIOs have reported cutting application costs through cloud services.
94% of Small and Medium Sized Businesses have reported experiencing security benefits since moving to the cloud
50% of business that use the cloud have reported a reduction in IT spending of 25%

What is the Cloud?

More than just a buzzword, cloud computing is a trend that keeps gaining for a reason! While it’s easiest to think about the “cloud” as an ever present, ever accessible cumulation of data existing in the sky, in reality it’s an easy term that refers to a pretty complex infrastructure of servers that can be accessed remotely.

Some servers allow you to access or share information (think Dropbox or Google Drive), while others host programs or data that you can access for use (think Netflix or Hulu). Though not actually kept locally on a physical computer or server, the programs and information that they hold is accessible from any internet enabled device, making it easy to keep up with the documents and data that matter.

For Birmingham businesses, having cloud options for hosting, storage and backup through DataPerk offers the flexibility and accessibility that is required in today’s market, as well as the confidence in knowing that your data is secure and protected from external threats.