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Cloud Storage Benefits for your Business: How to Set it Up Effectively!

In today’s digital era, cloud storage has become indispensable for small businesses. Almost everyone has heard of cloud services, and due to their numerous benefits, around 65% of small and medium-sized companies started relying on them in the wake of COVID-19. In this article, we’ll explore how cloud storage can help small businesses, and how […]

How to Implement Two-Factor Authentication to Improve Security?

As much as digitalization has revolutionized our lives, it has also opened businesses to cyberattacks. Companies often face numerous cyber threats that can lead to significant financial and data losses. Shockingly, Embroker reports that 66% of businesses have experienced cyberattacks in the past year. This is where Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) comes in handy to safeguard […]

How to set up a VPN for your employees to connect to the office network

Ever since Covid struck the world, there’s been a notable increase in businesses going towards remote work environments. Employees working from home or within the organization need to connect to the office network to perform tasks and access essential data. However, before connecting employees to your office network, you may need a VPN for data […]

Keeping your Mac’s battery in shape and healthy!

 There seems to always be something about apple batteries dying too quick or their lifespan being short, but what can you do to extend its life? Check out our tips and tricks to learn how to keep your battery in tip-top shape! Close out those applications when you aren’t using them! We have all been guilty of […]