Data & Voice Cabling in Alabama

Data Cabling. Get connected.

When it comes to real connectivity, it is what is behind the walls that counts! The unsung hero of network performance, data cabling connects workstations, servers, printers, phones and other devices, facilitating the communication that is critical to keeping business going every day. While poor installation can have serious effects on day-to-day operations, a well planned and executed data cabling infrastructure can have tremendous benefits to a company’s bottom line by increasing speeds, network reliability and security.

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Data Cabling Birmingham: What’s Your Project?

  • New Building Construction

    Start off on the right foot! Our team of experts can create the right cabling infrastructure plan for any business needs, complete the installation, and install/configure network gear, all with current requirements and future needs in mind.

  • Office Remodel

    Need a refresh? If you are updating your office, let DataPerk take a look at your current cabling and see how it can be improved for better connectivity and reliability.


  • Cabling Diagnostics

    Get connected, stay connected. If you are tired of slow speeds and faulty connections, call DataPerk, and let our cabling experts identify possible cabling problems that may be affecting your business.

  • Camera Installation

    Network security is not the only important security – call DataPerk, and let our tech experts handle your security camera purchase and installation.


  • Wireless to Wired Workstations

    Go faster! While wireless connections are great for laptops and mobile devices, your desktops, printers and scanners can get speeds up to 20 times faster when directly cabled to your network.


DataPerk Cabling Services

DataPerk’s simple, comprehensive approach to cabling means that with one call or click, teams can connect to industry experts who can manage and execute projects from start to finish. DataPerk’s cabling services include:

● Cabling Design and Planning, & Consulting for New Construction and Remodels
● Cat 5e and Cat 6e Line Installation and Testing – Single and Multiple Drops
● Cat 3 Installation and Testing – Single and Multiple Drops
● Coax and Analog Cabling Installation and Testing
● Security Camera Cabling, Installation and Configuration
● Switch, Router and Firewall Installation, Configuration and Testing
● LAN and WAN Design, Configuration and Cabling
● Rack, Enclosure and UPS or Battery Backup Sales and Setup
● Wireless Mesh Network (802.11x) Installation and Configuration

The DataPerk Process

No matter the size or scope of a project, DataPerk’s data cabling experts make it easy! Since 2001, our team has been working with businesses to provide high-quality cabling that exceeds expectations – on time, and on budget. From planning through to execution, DataPerk’s focus is on providing a simple experience for our partners. Here’s how:

  • Call:
    One call connects our partners to a team of technicians who are able to help with any kind of cabling need. From identifying a potential cabling problem to cabling for new construction, one call is all it takes.
  • Plan:
    We take time to understand the needs and goals of the clients we serve, developing a strategic cabling plan that is both efficient and effective.
  • Execute:
    DataPerk’s cabling team is dedicated to executing plans on time and on budget, while exceeding standards. We carefully test, pull and label lines, leaving behind only a well organized system that delivers superior results..
  • Connect:
    With our full-service technology team, one call is all it takes. We identify the network tools needed, from server to switches, racks to firewalls, handle the purchase, complete the configuration and do the installation – hassle free.

Contact DataPerk today for a free on-site consultation to find out how we can optimize your cabling infrastructure!