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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install and configure printers for business use?

To properly set up and install printers for your business, it’s essential to connect and configure them through your network. Many common issues arise from not having the correct printer drivers installed, often as a result of overlooking this network setup step.

How do I set up Office 365 Email on mobile devices?

To seamlessly set up your Office 365 email on your mobile device, it’s recommended to use the Outlook app for the best performance and to minimize potential issues.

What are some essential security tips for safeguarding business data?

To enhance the security of your business data, follow these key practices: always lock your screen when away (use Windows Key+L), implement two-factor authentication, and ensure that your personal and work passwords are unique and not reused.

Why is Outlook prompting for a password when I don’t have one?

If Outlook is asking for your password but you shouldn’t need one, try testing your email address and password on Office.com (Office on the web).

I’m having trouble connecting to the Internet. What should I do?

If you’re unable to connect to the internet, start by restarting your computer. If the issue persists, attempt to restart the modem if you have access to it.

What are the offerings included in Office 365 (O365)?

Office 365 provides a range of offerings, including productivity, collaborative, and security compliance apps and features.

My emails are going to spam, and I can’t send or receive emails. What should I do?

Check for bounce-back messages (non-delivery receipts) for any error details, verify if your email has been blocked by the recipient or marked as spam, evaluate the content of your emails, as the content can affect spam filters, be cautious with email practices to avoid being placed on email blacklists and in most cases, email issues like this are related to configuration problems.

How can I find my device name?

To locate your device name, follow these steps:

For Windows users, navigate to Settings -> System -> About -> Device Name.
For Mac users, navigate to System Settings -> About

What’s the difference between antivirus and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)?

Antivirus software relies on a list of known threats, but the challenge lies in the constant evolution of malicious threats. EDR, on the other hand, monitors for suspicious behavior or deviations from typical user activity, identifying and mitigating potential attacks.

Why is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) important?

MFA is crucial because relying solely on a username and password for authentication is no longer sufficient. MFA adds an additional layer of security, typically a rotating code kept on a separate device you have with you.

What should be my top priority to avoid phishing attempts?

To protect yourself from phishing attempts, remember this key rule: If you receive an email from someone you don’t know or are not expecting a link from, DO NOT CLICK on any links or download any attachments from the email.