IT Network & Internet Support

Network Know How

DataPerk’s team of network experts help our clients increase productivity by decreasing downtime! DataPerk’s goal is to create a reliable network infrastructure, which truly empowers enterprise success. From network hardware and configuration to monitoring, maintenance and security, DataPerk’s technicians engineer network solutions for any size and type of organization.

DataPerk’s Network Technicians have the expertise to diagnose and correct:

  • Slow internet speeds
  • Faulty internet connection
  • Virus and malware attacks
  • Printing issues
  • Server connection errors
  • Trouble with sharing documents
  • Connecting to hosted software
  • Office “dead zones”

A survey by CA Technologies shows that small to medium-sized businesses lose, on average, between $55,00 and $91,000 due to IT failures each year, putting a huge dent in their bottom line. If you are spending your time managing IT troubles, then it is time to give the network experts at DataPerk a call!

95% of DataPerk Partners are Likely to Recommend Us To a Friend or Colleague

What Can DataPerk Do For Your Network?

The network diagnostic and configuration experts at DataPerk are always just a call or click away. Our comprehensive approach enables enterprises to get back to business, while DataPerk handles the tech.

DataPerk Network Configuration and Security Services:

  • Vulnerability Checkups:

    As threats continue to become more sophisticated, so should networks! DataPerk believes in proactive protection, which is why DataPerk performs comprehensive assessments. After identifying current and potential network and security problems, DataPerk will create a roadmap to address concerns.

  • Network Hardware Purchase, Setup and Installation:

    Let DataPerk handle the hardware! With individual budgets and businesses in mind, a Tech Expert can identify firewall, access point, switch, workstation, server, printer, and other device needs, and then purchase, setup, and install, ensuring that networks stay up to date, secure, and capable of keeping up with demands.

  • Available 24/7 Hardware Monitoring:

    The key to optimum up time is keeping networks and hardware maintained! With DataPerk Complete Care, network devices are monitored around-the-clock for threats. Potential Problems? Eliminated.

  • Easy Support Access:

    When network issues arise, getting it back to full functionality is critical! With DataPerk’s advanced remote monitoring through Complete Care, technicians are proactively alerted to problems and can often remotely correct the issue.

Does Your Network Have What it Takes?

  • Data Cabling:
    The cable transmitting data is the the nerve center of the network, and has a profound impact on speed and reliability.  DataPerk’s cabling professionals can cable a new office, or assess and update current cabling infrastructure to ensure that the network is able to communicate and transmit data quickly and efficiently.
  • Server:
    A well-managed server is critical to file and network security, network reliability, and the ability for employees to store and share resources. Many companies unknowingly operate with extremely insecure and out of date servers. DataPerk’s offers FREE server assessments to help its clients determine when and if it is time to update this critical piece of hardware!
  • Switch:
    Just like with any hardware, switches can wear out over time, causing connectivity problems with internet, workstations, printers, or any other devices connected to a network. DataPerk’s network experts can help to identify switch related problems, purchase replacements that meet the specific port needs, and handle the onsite installation.
  • Workstations and Hardware:
    When computers, printers and scanners stop working, so does the business! As part of DataPerk’s FREE technology consultation, a Tech Expert will identify potential hardware problems and provide solutions that make sense for individual business’ needs.
  • Firewalls:
    No firewall? Big problem! Firewalls are crucial to security by monitoring and controlling what data and information can come in and out of a network. Without one in place, computers and servers are vulnerable to infiltration and attacks. In fact, they are so pivotal to keeping data safe that strong firewalls are at the heart of most compliance requirements. DataPerk’s experienced in-house team provides one-stop firewall assistance to ensure the right hardware and configuration.

DataPerk Process

Scalable, Secure and Reliable.  By working closely with clients, DataPerk works to be a trusted member of your team.  We do this by taking the time to get to know our clients and deliver the solutions they need on their timetable.  DataPerk’s goal is to work closely enough to proactively prevent problems, but respond when they inevitably do occur.   If you are ready for a different kind of IT experience, call DataPerk and connect with a Tech Expert today!