What Successful Business Owners Need to Know About Network Security


Being a Baby Boomer, Clint Eastwood was a big influencer as a strong, confident character with the differing roles he played as both a cowboy and police officer on the big screen. The coined phrase above was a hit back then, and very appropriate now, as it’s a question all business owners should ask themselves—do you feel lucky?

Back in the early days of network setups, there was very little concern or fear of our business and personal information being stolen or hacked, just money and merchandise was being protected by gunpoint.

Fast forward to today. The reality of our financial, client, and personal information is up for grabs by sophisticated “bad actors.” Except the loaded guns are replaced by creativity, scanning tools, web, email, and wireless access. Cybercriminals take advantage of low hanging fruit that small businesses primarily have no fear of losing—since they assume no one would waste time with them. Wrong! A data breach will cost your organization more than just data loss—it can impact your brand and personal assets.

1 in 4 Enterprises Get Breached

Having Traditional Security Techniques is no longer enough. Although you may have dial-up modems, antiquated VPN’s, and outdated hardware and software in use, if you aren’t proactive in updating your systems, your data is fair game for even the rookie hacker “looking to put notches in their gun” as they thrive on hacking the unsuspecting prospect.

Cybercriminals have shifted their strategy to attack the most vulnerable part of any organizations network: the endpoint.

As companies like yours become more sophisticated to keep up with industry, consumer, and competition, we are adding more devices and expanding our footprints to include the entire world. Email, Voice Mail, Web Access, Facebook, Twitter, and more leave us vulnerable to cybercriminals and hackers to hold us hostage, both financially and personally. 46% of organizations have suffered a serious security breach via endpoint vulnerability. Devices vulnerable to cybercriminal activity include:




IOT devices such as Alexa, or Google Home

Proactive solutions such as endpoint response (EDR), zero day threats, virus protection, management and monitoring of networks, devices, and advanced threat protection (ADP) are just a few of the tools and solutions DataPerk brings to the table. Don’t leave your vulnerable network exposed to cybercriminals, waiting to drain you of finances and information. Instead, call DataPerk, and we can help build a secure network for your home or business.