Office Computers Slowing Down? Simple Steps to Fix IT!

Office Computers Slowing Down Visualization

Computers in your Office Are Slowing Down

Under-performing computers or office computers slowing down becomes costly for businesses. Even minor hiccups can impact the productivity of any business. 


 Let’s consider a business having 20 employees on computers. If the under-performing computers takes 3 minutes every hour, you’re losing 2 hours of productivity for every employee in a 40-hour week.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly pay of a private non-farm employee in America is 32.82 dollars. So, a 20-employee company would be losing $1,312 per week.

This means a company loses more than $5,000 just because of office computers slowing down. That’s massive!

This shows the importance of properly optimized IT systems ensuring the seamless execution of all organizational processes. If your office computers aren’t working well and you are unaware of the reasons(), we’ve got you covered. 

Let’s discuss some of the top reasons behind the slow office computers!

Multiple Active Browser Tabs or Programs Slowing Computer Down

If your office computer is working slowly, check the number of active browser tabs and programs. It’s because every opened browser and tab takes a certain amount of your Random Access Memory (RAM).

Imagine you are a football coach and you have a player doing arm curls, do you think they would be as fast if you asked them to do sprints at the same time? Probably not.  

The solution to this issue is to close all the unnecessary background software and only open the one you need. If you want easy access to other web pages, simply bookmark and close them.

Not Enough Rebooting

Reset visual for slow office computer

Office workers usually don’t reboot the computer much and leave it on for hours and sometimes even days. A computer that doesn’t reboot at least once a day starts slowing down, causing multiple issues. So, the best way to solve this issue is to encourage your employees to reboot the office computer at least once a day.

Hard Drive Fragmentation Slowing Down Office Computer

Hard drive fragmentation usually happens when multiple files or pieces of files get spread throughout the drive. This fragmentation greatly reduces the performance of your computer. Moreover, if you don’t remove these fragments often, they can corrupt your whole system resulting in data loss and other problems. 

So, to avoid hard drive fragmentation problems, take quick action against them. However, instead of doing it on your own, get IT consulting or IT-managed support to fix the issue without much, if any, downtime. 

Requires Maintenance 

Most of the time, an office computer works slowly because it needs maintenance. Sometimes, the office routine is so hectic that it becomes difficult for employees to keep up with PC maintenance. However, to ensure the office computers don’t underperform, you should focus on their regular maintenance. 

For instance, outsource a hard drive or software specialist to identify and fix issues. In addition, ask someone to do all the necessary updates to boost the computer’s performance.

Outdated Operating System and Drivers 

Another reason your office computers slow down is the outdated operating system or driver. Your PC needs drivers to communicate with the connected hardware efficiently. If they are outdated, your device will not work as required. 

The solution is that you do frequent updates for all the apps and add-ons. Also, look for the best driver to facilitate updates  and ensure the connection between your computer and hardware stays strong and secure.


Being a business owner, you’ll encounter many of these issues. Solving them on your own can be a bit difficult.

That’s where DataPerk comes in! We have a team of highly-qualified IT experts who carefully examine and fix your computer issues. Not only this, but we also provide computer maintenance and monitor your devices 24/7 for any virus or malware attack. So, don’t wait and contact our help desk support to get affordable yet professional IT services now!