Keyboard Shortcuts

The world moves fast, and technology moves even faster. If seconds are valuable to you, then using these quick and easy keyboard shortcuts may be helpful! Suggestion from DP: Make an easy access list of the shortcuts you think that you’ll use the most, and print them out for a quick look.



ALT + F4 – Quit an active program / Shut down Windows

ALT + TAB – Hold down the ALT key and hit tab to cycle through open windows.

CTL + SHIFT + ESC – Bring up the Windows Task Manager

CTL + ESCAPE – Display the Start menu

CTL + ALT + DEL – Change password, Task Manager, depends on which version of Windows is running

SHIFT + TAB – tab backwards through a form

CTRL + C – Copy

CTRL + X – Cut

CTRL + V – Paste

CTRL + Z – Undo

F1 – Help menu

CRTL+TAB – Navigate tabs on a tabbed screen


Hold SHIFT while inserting a CD – Prevents the CD from “auto running”

If an item is selected:

CTRL while dragging a file – Copies the file

CTRL + SHIFT while dragging a file – Creates a shortcut to the file

SHIFT + DELETE – Deletes an item without sending it to the recycle bin.

ALT + ENTER – Display a file’s properties.

F2 – To rename the file

In Windows Explorer:

LEFT ARROW – Collapse the current selection if it is expanded

NUM LOCK + MINUS SIGN (-) – Collapse the selected folder

RIGHT ARROW – Expand the current selection if it is collapsed -Or- Select the first subfolder

NUM LOCK + * – Expand all folders below the current selection

NUM LOCK + PLUS SIGN (+) – Expand the selected folder

F6 – Switch between left and right panes

BACKSPACE – View the folder one level up

ALT + RIGHT ARROW – Move forward to a previous view

ALT + LEFT ARROW – Move backward to a previous view


The Windows key can be used with other keys to act as a keyboard shortcut for faster access to menu commands.

Win key + R will open the Start menu’s Run box

Win key + F will open the Start menu’s Find window

Win key + E will quickly launch Explorer

Win key + Pause/Break will open the System Properties window

Win key + M will Minimize all windows

Win key + Shift + M will undo Minimize all windows

Win key + D will switch between minimizing all open programs and showing them all

Win key + Tab will cycle through items on the taskbar

Win key by itself will open the Start menu