Keeping your Mac’s battery in shape and healthy!

 There seems to always be something about apple batteries dying too quick or their lifespan being short, but what can you do to extend its life? Check out our tips and tricks to learn how to keep your battery in tip-top shape!

Close out those applications when you aren’t using them!

We have all been guilty of leaving our Spotify or Apple Music app open even when we aren’t listening to music or forgetting to shut down programs that we don’t frequently use. This not only eats up your battery, but also unnecessarily uses up your RAM (Random Access Memory), slowing down your computer functions. So take that extra second or two and close out those unused applications. You will be glad you did when you are getting ready for that meeting and can’t find a charger, but you have a strong battery!

100% charge is NOT good for your mac

This one might come as a surprise to many people, but you read that correctly: Continuing to charge after your mac has reached 100% battery capacity will actually hurt your mac battery. Macs are not designed to spend very long at 100%. Experts say the sweet spot to take it off the charger is just at 50%. Who would’ve thought?

Oh, and on that same note- don’t let it drop to low capacity either. We know they are sensitive little devices, but let’s get the most out of these pricey computers! The ideal charge is around 15%-50%. None of us are perfect so it is ok to go outside of that range, of course! Just try to be mindful.

Treat your Mac like you’d treat an antique car

Confused by this one?

If you plan on storing your mac for an elongated period of time (like an antique car) remember to take it out for a (metaphorical) spin to warm up that engine! If you are going to be storing it for up to 6 months, remember to periodically take it out and charge it up to 50%. This will help your battery longevity and can be a good opportunity to download any updates!  (Which also helps your mac battery. More on that later.) 

Your mac is not built for Antarctica or the Mojave 

That one is pretty obvious, but in all seriousness, try not to leave your Mac in your car on a cold night or a scorching day. Your battery components are sensitive and exposure to harsh temperatures can damage it. Apple recommends keeping it at a “comfort zone” of 50 F to 95 F. If you are uncomfortable at a certain temperature, your mac most likely is too!

Update. Update. Update. 

Last, but certainly not least, keep it updated! Yes, the updates will make your operating system look prettier and give you new features, but they also can come with robust battery optimization updates! These updates are not only vital for your Mac’s battery healthy but also come with cyber security updates that help protect your device as a whole! Plus, who doesn’t love a good user interface change even though you just got used to the old one! All jokes aside, this tip is one of the most important. If you have a hard time remembering to updated, change your settings within system preferences to updated automatically.

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