Installing FireFox

    1. Click the following link to access the download page for the FireFox internet browser.


    1. Click the imaged labeled: FireFox Free Download


    1. It is recommended that you save the file to your computer and run the installation from there.


    1. Click the arrow pointing down as shown in the following example. You may select the directory you would like to save the file from here.


    1. For ease of use, we selected the desktop for our save directory as shown in the following example.


    1. Once you have selected the desired location to save the file, click the: Save button in the bottom right corner to save the file.


    1. Go to the directory the FireFox Setup 3.0.5 file was saved, and double click on the file to begin the installation.
      Please note: The version of setup file you downloaded may vary due to updates of the FireFox program.


    1. You may receive a security warning from attempt to run the setup file as shown in the following example. This is simply a fail-safe option built into Windows to insure the executable file is something you would like to run.
      Click the: Run button to begin.


    1. Once the FireFox Installation process begins, Click the: Next button to continue.


    1. If you do not want to use FireFox as your default internet browser, uncheck the box labeled: Use FireFox as my default web browser.
      Otherwise, click the: Next button to continue.


    1. To continue the installation process, click the: Install button.


    1. Click the: Finish button to complete the FireFox installation process. By default the installation is typically set to launch FireFox at this point.


    1. From this point you may open FireFox at any time by clicking the icon that resembles the example below.