Important Security Tips for Windows 11

Important security tips and settings for Windows 11

Cyber-criminals are getting more cunning, this is nothing new. There is not one solution to combat their crimes but adding multiple layers of security is your best bet to keeping your data and personal information safe!

Fingerprint and face scanning

If you are one of the lucky people to have a new-ish computer, this one is for you. It is good practice to check your sign in options and see if you can use the computer’s facial recognition or fingerprint software to sign in.

This has been proven to be more secure than just a password alone. Welcome to the future!

A bonus tip for keeping your data safe: Make sure the setting that requires sign in after being “away” is turned on within that menu.  One more layer of protection against those looking to steal your data!


Windows 11 does have security measures running automatically but it is always good practice to manually check for malware in case your system encountered an error. If you locate your “Privacy and security” settings, you will be able to click “Quick scan” in Virus and threat protection. Though, Windows 11 does have trustworthy security software, manually reviewing can double check its work and give you peace of mind.

But what about when you are browsing the web, what measures can you enable in Windows 11 to give you that extra layer of protection? If you said turning on “Reputation-based protection”, you would be correct! This basically means that your system will always be watching out for suspicious applications.


Within your “Privacy and security” section in settings you can find application permissions to access your location, microphone, and camera. For example, if you look under “Microphone” you will be able to tell which one of your applications has access to your microphone. Disable any permissions from applications that you do not trust or recognize.  

Speaking of locations, this is a perfect time to set up “Find my device” under Privacy and security. The last thing you want is to forget your computer somewhere on a business trip and regret not setting “Find my device” up! (Great if you just have a bad memory, too!)

For those still scratching your head

These are a few great steps to increasing your odds against criminals but not perfect. If you need help keeping your business safe, reach out to us! Our goal is to get you spending less time on tech and more time on your business.

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