How to set up a VPN for your employees to connect to the office network

Ever since Covid struck the world, there’s been a notable increase in businesses going towards remote work environments. Employees working from home or within the organization need to connect to the office network to perform tasks and access essential data. However, before connecting employees to your office network, you may need a VPN for data encryption; otherwise, your data might be at risk. 

But, it can be daunting to set up a VPN for employees. Don’t worry; we have developed a step-by-step guide for you. 

Step-by-Step Guide on Setting Up VPN on an Office Network

Before going into the details of how to set up a VPN for your office network, it’s essential to have a look at your needs. For instance, check how many devices need VPN and whether you need to upgrade your internet connection or not. Moreover, also have a look at the geographical locations of employees who want VPN protection. Considering these things beforehand may simplify the VPN setup process. Now, let’s dive into the VPN setup guide! 

1. Get a Suitable Router

A server, VPN software, and a suitable router are all you need to set up a VPN for employees. The VPN service provider gives the server and software, so you are only left to purchase a good router. Fortunately, finding a router for VPN isn’t a hassle if you know the characteristics of a perfect VPN router. Here are a few:

  • Ensure the router has wired and wireless connectivity options.
  • It should’ve built-in virtual private network functionality. 
  • It must support more than ten workstations or devices. 

2. Follow the Wizard Guide to Set Up VPN

Once you have purchased the router, you will get the software, necessary instructions, and a wizard setup guide to help set up VPN for employees. In the guide, you will get detailed instructions about everything from the physical plugging of cables to software installation. Ensure you’ve got all the equipment and follow all the steps carefully to have an error-free VPN setup experience. 

3. Select Your Security Settings

Undoubtedly, the purpose of setting up a VPN for employees is to make the office network more secure. However, to ensure this, it’s suggested to go through all the VPN security settings. Set up a difficult-to-crack password. Easy-to-remember passwords may sound good, but they expose your organizational network to multiple risks. 

Moreover, you should also go into the details of levels and types of wireless encryption available. After inspection, choose the most secure one, as wireless networks are more exposed to cyber-attacks. 

4. Test the VPN

If you are done with setting up VPN for employees, it’s suggested to test the VPN on different devices before sharing it with workers. In this way, you can check the internet speed, VPN features, and whether it works with other software or not. If there’s an issue, resolve it by using different VPN protocols and testing again until no issues are detected. Once all setup issues are resolved, it’s time to share the VPN availability with the employees! 


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