Email Configuration

Email is great! Setting up email on your computer…well, let’s just say it leaves a lot to be desired. We know the frustrations that can come from trying to get your email up and running, which is why we’ve provided these easy, step by step instructions on how to add your email account to your computer. Still have questions? Just give us a call at 879-4600!


Option 1: Outlook is already configured

If you need to add an account, you will need to access your current account settings.  Open Outlook.

In Outlook 2007, choose Tools > Account Settings at the top of your screen.

In Outlook 2010, click on the File Tab > Info > Account Settings > Account Settings

Choose “New” and then click Next.  Then follow the instructions below.

Option 2: New computer, new profile

If you have never setup an email account in Microsoft Outlook, when you first launch Microsoft Outlook, you will be presented with a wizard that will guide you through setting up your email account.

The first screen is simply a startup screen, click next.

The next screen asks if you want to configure an account. Choose Yes, and click next.

The next screen is called “Auto Account Setup” – choose “Manually configure server settings or additional server types” and then click next. [Screenshot below]

On the next screen, select Internet E-mail and then click next. [screenshot below]

On the next screen, input the information as shown in the example below.

Account type is POP3.

Both servers are

Your user name is your full email address.

Use the password that you were provided.

Click “More Settings” before continuing.

On the More Settings screen, choose the “Outgoing server” tab and make the selections indicated in the screenshot below.

Next click the “Advanced” tab and make the changes shown below:

Change the outgoing port to 366

Make sure items are removed from the server after 2 weeks.  Leaving too much mail on the server can cause problems later.

Click OK, then click Next on the previous screen.  You should see a message that all settings check out and your account should now be working.

Please call Dataperk at 205-879-4600 if you encounter errors during this procedure.