Creating a Shortcut to Your Postini Spam/Quarantine in Outlook 2007

If you use Postini to filter your email, you can add a shortcut within Outlook 2007 to access your Postini Quarantine.

Step 1.

Open Outlook

Step 2.

Right Click on either your “Inbox” or Main Mail Folder and choose “New Folder”

Step 3.

Call the folder ?Postini Quarantine? or “Postini-Spam” (or whatever you chose to name it).

Step 4.

Right click the new ?Postini? folder and select ?Properties?.

Step 5.

Select the ?Home Page? tab in the Properties window and place a check mark in the box labeled ?Show home page by default for this folder? then type “” in the “address” box and press “OK”.

Step 6.

Click on the Spam folder, login to your Message Center and optionally, select ?Remember my Address and Password?.

Step 7.

Close Outlook

The next time Outlook is opened and the Spam folder is selected, the Message Center should appear within the new Outlook folder that was created. This should make checking the Postini spam quarantine a bit easier.