Creating a RDC Connection

Working from a remote location has never been easier than it is today. Thanks to the power of technology, employees can access their desktops from almost anywhere, making “down time” a thing of the past. One of the most secure ways to have your employees access their work desktops is through an RDC, or Remote Desktop Connection. By creating an RDC, staff will be able to remote in to their desktop and work on it just as if they were sitting at their local desk.

Follow these easy to read steps to learn how to set up an RDC for your staff!

Click the Start Menu, Click All Programs, Click Accessories, Click Communications, Click Remote Desktop Connection.

Click the Options Button.

Type the IP or Host Name in the Computer field. Then type your Username and Password. Check ?Save my password?. Then click the Save As Button.

Choose the C: Option from the drop down list.

Click the “New Folder” Button in the top right corner.

Type the “scripts” for the name of the folder.

Double click the new “scripts” folder and type the name of the connection in the File Name box. Then click Save.

Click the Connect Button to log into the remote computer.