Cloud Storage Benefits and Set Up For Your Business!

In today’s digital era,

Cloud storage benefits have become indispensable for small businesses. Almost everyone has heard of cloud storage, and due to their numerous benefits, around 65% of small and medium-sized companies started relying on them in the wake of COVID-19. In this article, we’ll explore cloud storage benefits and and how to set it up effectively.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage refers to online storage provided by a third party where you can store your important files and applications for uninterrupted access. Service providers ensure the security of your data and resolve any cloud storage issues you might encounter while accessing your data.

Cloud Storage Benefits and Set Up for Small Businesses

Cost Savings:

Let’s start with the one everyone is here for: saving money! Cloud storage options have huge benefits for small businesses. In most cases, when deciding what cloud storage option is right for your business, you only pay for what you need and usually can increase your storage options as your business scales up. On the other hand, if you decide to go with local storage, you have to pay for it all upfront, which can be extremely pricey.

Enhanced Security:

Enhanced Security Visualization from Cloud Storage

Usually, companies offering cloud storage are also experts at other aspects of digital technologies, such as cyber security. You can benefit from their security protocols by housing your data on their systems. When partnering with a reputable cloud storage company, you can expect cyber security software that is monitored and updated regularly to help protect client data.

Convenient Access:

Many businesses have remote employees that need to access data from different locations. An advantage of using cloud storage is that you can access data anywhere in the world as long as you have a proper internet connection. So, you no longer need to be restricted by your internal network for accessing important files.

Rapid Scaling:

Your storage requirements sometimes change when you run a business. As you expand, you need more storage, and that’s where the cloud can make things convenient. Using local data storage will require more hard drives or other storage devices, which wastes your time and money.

Setting Up Cloud Storage for Your Business

Man Setting Up Cloud Storage

Small businesses can have difficulty setting up cloud services due to a lack of understanding and abundant cloud service providers. DataPerk comes to the rescue by providing our incredible cloud services for your business.

Cloud Storage Consultation & Planning:

 Our experts at DataPerk will help you set up your cloud account by guiding you in detail. Our team will consult with your staff to understand your business and its cloud requirements, such as the kind of data you need to store. Afterward, we’ll create a detailed plan involving the infrastructure, the cloud service you need, etc.

Cloud Storage Set Up & Testing:

Once the plan is finalized after detailed consultations, we will start implementing the cloud service. It involves migrating data and applications to the cloud. Once the implementation phase is completed, we test the system for performance, security, and reliability.

Set Up:

Once satisfied with the performance of your system, we’ll finally deploy it fully for use by your business. DataPerk will provide the necessary support to ensure our service continues running smoothly.

Cloud Storage Benefits and set up: Conclusion

Cloud Storage Benefits and set up have are indispensable for small businesses in today’s digital era. The manual, costly storage has been replaced by it for the reasons described above. DATAPERK’s cloud services are the most reliable, providing Email Hosting, Office 365, Storage & Backup.

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