How to change almost any document into a PDF (even on your smartphone)

How to change almost any document into a PDF (even on your smartphone)

PDFs have lasted through so many tech booms and advances. It makes you wonder why are they so important? Versatility? Eh, sort of. The real beauty is knowing that your file will look the same no matter where it is in PDF form. So let’s jump in!


The simplest way we have found to save PDFs in Windows is to navigate to the print option in whatever program you are using and then locate the, “Printers List”. Through that tabs drop-down, you should find something along the lines of, “Microsoft Print to PDF. This generic way is tried and trusted but some Office applications will give you a real option to save as a PDF. In Microsoft Word, you can click File, Save as, and then choose PDF from the list.


You can find a similar if not almost identical approach to creating a PDF on a Mac. Pretend like you are about to print a document and from the dialogue box, you should see similar options to windows. If you see a “Destination” drop-down menu, click it and choose the PDF option. Or, depending on what program you are using you can hit File on your top menu bar, followed by” Save As”, and finally by clicking the drop-down file type menu in the dialogue box and choosing PDF.


Are you surprised you can save Chrome Web Pages as PDFs? It is just as simple as any of the approaches above. If you look at the top right corner of your Google Chrome window you should see three dots. Yes, you guessed it. Click them. You should see a print button. Click it. Under “Destination” choose “Save as a PDF”. Boom! Web Page PDF. Did you ever think you would be this enthralled over a PDF?

Smart Phones

So, Smart Phones can be a little more tricky. There are a few apps that you can download that can help you convert documents to PDFs but sometimes there are workarounds to this. Your best bet is to find a “save” or “share” button within whatever application the document currently is and search for an option to export, save or share as a PDF. This may be located in the “print” section on some phones/ applications.

If you are working in the Files app on your iPhone there should be an option to save as or convert to a PDF. You can find the menu to achieve this by long holding the document and choosing “Create PDF” from the menu that you have opened.

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