Internet Explorer 7: Default Search Provider

To add a new search provider for internet explorer, click the link below and select the search provider from the list as shown in the following example.

1. Once you have selected the desired search provider a small window should load similar to the one shown here. Select the Add Provider option.

2. To continue the process click the Start button on your task bar and then proceed to the Control Panel.

3. In the Control Panel window on the far left side, click the link labeled: Classic View.

4. This should change the format of the Control Panel window, and align the icons in alphabetical order. Find the icon labeled: Internet Options and left click it to continue.

5. On the General tab of the Internet Properties window, you should see a Search option near the middle as shown in the example below. Click the Settings button on the right of that area.

6. If you previously chose Add Provider on step 1, and you already had a search provider, you may want to set it to the Default by left clicking it as shown below. And then selecting the Set Default button.

(Optional) 7. If you no longer require the use of the previous provider, you may select it as shown below to prepare for its removal.

(Optional) 7A. Once you have selected the provider you would like to remove, click the Remove button on the right side of the window.

(Optional) 8. At this point you may open another browser window to select more providers from the website by clicking the: Find more providers… link in the bottom left corner. (Please refer back to the start of this tutorial for selecting more providers.)

9. Once you have completed all the changes you would like to make, click the Ok button at the bottom to complete the process.

From this point you may click Ok on the remaining windows to complete the process.