Outlook 2007: Rules and Alerts

1. Open Outlook 2007.

2. From the file menu at the top: Select Tools.

3. From the tools menu: Select Rules and Alerts….

4. From the Rules and Alerts window: Select the New Rule… button on the far left side.

5. From the Rules Wizard you can select a number of options to help filter email into specific folder, delete the email immediately, and many other options. For this example we are going to select: Move messages with specific words in the subject to a folder. This will cause mail with any words and/or phrases we choose to be moved to a specific folder. Make your selection by clicking the option as shown here, then click the Next button at the bottom right corner.

6. Next click the specific words link as shown here:

7. Type the words and/or phrases you would like filtered into the top line, then click the Add button as shown here:

8. You may input several words and/or phrases by using the method above. Once you have completed all the words and/or phrases you would like to filter, click the: Ok button at the bottom right.

9. Click the Next button after returning to the Rules Wizard window to continue.

10. You must now specify the folder you would like to move the email to. Click the specified link at the bottom of the window as shown here.

11. If the folder is already created, select it from the menu on the left hand side. You may have to click the plus box similar to the one shown beside the Inbox here. If you have not already created the folder, click the New… button as shown below to create a new folder.

12. On the Create New Folder window, type the name of the folder at the top. Once you have typed in the desired folder name, click: Ok at the bottom of the window to continue.

13. Once your folder has been created, select it, and then click: Ok as shown below to continue.

14. Once you have selected the words and/or phrases in the email subject and the folder to send those emails to, click the Next button to continue.

15. You may now make exceptions to the rule, if you do not wish to create any exceptions you may click next or finish to continue the process. And then skip to step 21.

16. For this example we are going to select the exception: except through the specified account.

17. You must now click on the specified account link as shown below.

18. On the account window click the drop down arrow as show below, then select the desired account.

19. Once you have selected the desired account, click Ok to proceed.

20. Once you have selected all the exceptions you would like to add, click the: Next button.

21. Type the desired name for your rule at the top and if you would like to run this rule on the current email in your Inbox, click the check box labeled: Run this rule now on messages already in “Inbox”

22. Click Finish.

23. To complete the process, click Ok as shown below.

This should complete the process to setup Rules and Alerts on your current email account. This feature can be run again for setting up multiple rules on the same account. Please note email can be deleted in several methods: 1. Sending it directly to the trash can, and 2. Deleting it directly. Please take great care when selecting these options as these emails may not be able to be retrieved once deleted.