How to keep your Mac Cyber-Safe

Your computer may not look like a living, breathing organism- but it sort of is. Just like you can take vitamins to nourish your body, you can take care of your Mac in a similar fashion. For example, do you want to order a supplement in bulk from a website that looks more sketchy than a man behind a dumpster in an alleyway or from a reputable site that you know and trust? Both are decisions that can affect your health and your computer’s health. So if you  are wondering what some tips are  to keep that machine running like Usain Bolt, you have come to the right place.

Don’t go to the man in the alleyway, no matter what he is selling

Do you know the feeling when you click a link that you probably shouldn’t have and end up somewhere on the web that you just know is giving you viruses? Yeah, stay away from those sites. This is especially vital when looking for software for your Mac. Sure, the idea of Office365 for free seems like a great deal, but is it worth having a virus that steals your data or slows your machine(+ legal ramifications)? Maybe you will get lucky and visit one of these sites touting “free this” or “free that” and escape without malware, but how many times can you spin the wheel before your computer can’t fight them off anymore? Use common sense, cough up the extra money and save yourself the hassle down the line.

Update. Your. Software.

Your Mac is once again related to a human body. Whether learning something new and changing old habits or utilizing new software, change is scary, we know. With every MacOS update comes new, shiny software to protect your machine from nasty malware. Yes, your user interface may change and a few things may look different but the heavy lifting is going on behind the scenes and well worth the learning curve of updated software.

Knowledge really is power. Nerdy, we know.

Nerdy and a little more time consuming but worth every second. Pause before you put your address or credit card information into that random site. Look up some reviews, poke around, and see if anything is out of place. If you are trying to buy something off of Amazon and the site looks different, make sure you spelled it right in the search bar. will be very different from

Not all links are meant to be clicked…

Short and to the point- don’t click on it just because it is a link. Simply clicking a sketchy link can bring more headaches than you could ever imagine. If something feels off, trust your gut.

Be wary of public WIFI and Use Software to combat cyber attacks

Public WIFI is like the wild west, you don’t know if the people using it are friends or foes and there’s danger lurking around every corner, so prepare accordingly. Antivirus and antimalware software are a must when dealing with public WIFI. Give your mac the extra layer of protection it deserves and invest in a good VPN to spoof your  IP address. This is the part where we get people scratching their heads, so if that is you right now: there are other options. Working with a managed service provider to help protect the machines in your business is becoming essential as tech advances and becomes a full time job.

If you don’t know where to start, what a VPN is or what cyber security software to use- reach out to us here.

Let’s get you spending less time on tech and more time on your business.