Outlook 2003: Copying Internet Headers

1. Open Outlook 2003.


2. Locate the message you would like to copy the internet headers from and using your mouse, right-click the message.


3. Next, left-click on Message Options… from the menu as shown below.


4. This should open a window called: Message Options. You should notice the mouse pointer located around the area labeled: Internet headers, close to the bottom left corner.


5. Move your mouse pointer to the box of text to the right of the Internet headers label. This will cause the mouse pointer to shift into an icon that resembles an upper case I, as shown below.


6. Next right-click in the box to open a menu that will allow you to select all of the text.


7. Left-click the Select All option at the bottom of the menu, to select all the text in the Internet headers:.


A. This should cause all the text under the Internet header box to be highlighted similar to the method shown in this example.


8. Right-click in the area to open another menu box.


9. Select copy from the menu, by left-clicking the option.


A. The process above, allowed the Internet header to be copied for transfer to another application. There are many different applications this data could be pasted too. For example: an email in Outlook, office document, notepad, wordpad, etc…

10. For this example I am going to paste the data to another email. In order to do this, the Message Options window will need to be closed.


11. Next open a new message to paste the Internet header information to, by left-clicking the new message option as shown below.


12. Right-click in the new message as shown in the example.


13. Left-click the Paste option to paste the data into the new message.


A. This should paste the text into the new message.


14. Now that that data has been pasted into the new message, it could be sent to an IT department for review by filling in the To… field as shown below.


The copy / paste method could also be used to transfer the data into Word, Excel, NotePad, WordPad, and similar applications.