Creating a VPN Connection

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, extends a private network across a public network — essentially meaning that it allows you to send/receive across public networks as if your computers were connected by a private network. To establish a VPN, you first create a point to point connection via dedicated connections, traffic encryption, or virtual tunneling protocols. Want to learn how to set up a VPN? Just read and follow the steps below to get started!



Click the Start Menu and open the Control Panel.

Double click the Network Connections icon in the Control Panel.

Double click Create New Connection in the Network Connections window.

Click Next on the Connection Wizard Welcome screen.

Choose the option Connect to the network at my workplace and then click Next.

Choose the option Virtual Private Network connection and then click Next.

Enter your company’s name and click Next.

Click the Do not dial the initial connection option and click Next.

Enter your Host Name or IP Address and click Next.

Choose the Anyone’s use option and click Next.

Check the “Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop” option and click Finish.