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Knowledge for we mere mortals
  • Public WiFi: Why Not

    DATE: June 13, 2016

    Free WIFI! Coffee shops and hotels tout the perk of anywhere, anytime access, but free and public WIFI should be a “proceed with caution” area. While no one would deny that it’s convenient to be able to hop on the internet when you’re not at home, most users don’t realize that doing so opens them up […]

  • Networks: The (Very) Basics

    DATE: April 19, 2016

    Net What?! Computer Networks Explained   “The Network”. Did you feel a pang of fear when you read that? We get it — even the word sounds intimidating, which may be why so many people feel lost when it comes to what networks really are. We’re going to take a big picture look, starting with […]

  • How Can Managed Services Save You Money

    DATE: April 3, 2016

    What are “Managed Services”? Breaking away from the break-fix tradition in IT, managed services is the newest industry buzzword.  Rather than being a fleeting trend, however, the shift looks to be a permanent enhancement to how services are provided to subscribers. But hold on…what exactly IS managed services? Let’s take a step back: the traditional […]