FireFox: Default Search Provider

If you’ve become accustomed to the way FireFox allows you to right click text and use your default search provider to search the phrase as shown below:

Then you know how frustrating it can be, when your default search provider is changed by a new software installation, without your consent. The directions below will help you set FireFox back to your desired default search provider.

1. Open your FireFox website browser.

2. Looking at the top right corner of the FireFox window, you should see an icon that resembles a magnifying glass. To the left of this search bar is an icon that depicts your current Default Search Provider. As shown below, my current default search provider is: Google. Click the drop down arrow beside the search icon to have drop down menu appear.

3. Select your desired default search provider from the drop down list.

FireFox should now use the search provider of your choice. Typically this effect will take effect immediately, but in some cases it may require restarting FireFox by closing the program and reopening it.