5 Tech Tips you Need to know!

1. People read more slowly on computers

On average, people read about 10% slower from a screen than they do if they are reading from paper! Did you know that you also blink less when looking at your screen! So, a friendly reminder to blink and maybe put some eye drops in!

2. The QWERTY Keyboard was created to slow people’s typing

Yes, you read that correctly. The QWERTY keyboard’s original intent was to slow people down when using a typewriter. Typewriters were prone to jamming if the typist was using it too quickly. The QWERTY keyboard did help cut back on the problem. It makes you wonder what our keyboards could’ve looked like today!

3. There is a website that tracks how old the internet is

If you visit this website, you’ll see it tracks the age of the internet in real-time and also can tell you how old you were when the internet was invented! Feel old yet? 

4. Only 8% of currency is physical

Does this come as a shock? It seems like the age of digital currency is here before the complete crypto takeover. 92-93% is already digital. The money you earn and make transactions with predominantly exists digitally!

5. More than 6,000 computer viruses are made every month

A scary but true fact is that cyber-crimes are growing. In 1990 there were only about 50 viruses that were known to even exist. As of 2022, there are more than 1 billion malware programs out there as of 2022. It is important to have the most up to date cyber security programs to aid in protecting your private information, your tech and most of all- your business!

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