How to Reset and Change Your Outlook Password from Your iPhone: An Easy Guide

How to Reset and Change Your Outlook Password from Your iPhone: An Easy Guide

Navigating the nuances of Microsoft Outlook can sometimes feel like you’re trying to crack an enigma code, especially when it comes down to managing your account from the palm of your hand. Whether you’re trying to change your Outlook password or simply reset it from your iPhone, the process involves a dance with Microsoft’s automated account recovery system, which, let’s just say, doesn’t take requests for assistance from community users, moderators, or even the live support team.

In the bustling digital world where ’email’ practically spells ‘lifeline,’ understanding how to secure your Microsoft 365 email account on the go is crucial. This guide aims to untangle the process of changing your Outlook password, from resetting via a web browser to updating it in the iPhone Mail app and using the Outlook mobile app to seal the deal. Here, you’ll find a roadmap designed to streamline what could otherwise be a maze of steps, ensuring your email account is as fortified as your resolve to tackle technology head-on.

Determining Your Account Type

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of resetting your Outlook password from your iPhone, it’s crucial to pinpoint the type of account you’re wrangling. The setup process in iOS is like choosing the right key for a lock; it needs to match perfectly.

  • For Accounts:
  • In iOS, tap ‘’ when you’re adding a new email account in the Mail app. This path is as straightforward as a bee-line.
  • On macOS, opt for ‘Microsoft Exchange’ to ensure your account syncs without a hitch.
  • For Accounts That March to Their Own Drum:
  • If your account doesn’t fit the or Microsoft Exchange mold, select ‘Other’. Here, you’ll manually enter the email settings, akin to setting up a tent in uncharted territory.
  • Tech Specs for the Tech-Savvy:
  • The Exchange Device ID is your iPhone’s secret handshake with Microsoft Exchange, unique as a snowflake.
  • During connection, your operating system version struts its stuff in the User Agent field of the request header, a digital ‘hello’ to the Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Manual Configuration for the Adventurous:
  • To manually set up an account, use IMAP or POP access. This is where you’ll need the incoming and outgoing mail server settings, a bit like mapping out a treasure hunt.
  • Trouble in paradise? If verifying or adding your Outlook account feels like a Herculean task, try adding it as an IMAP account for a smoother sail.

This initial step of identifying your account type is like choosing the right door to open. Whether it’s a straightforward path or one that requires a bit of tinkering, knowing where to start makes all the difference.

Resetting Your Outlook Password via Web Browser

Resetting your Outlook password directly from your iPhone might seem like navigating through a labyrinth, but with the right steps, it’s as easy as pie. Here’s how to do it:

Microsoft outlook sign in page image
  • Enter your Outlook email address and tap ‘Next’.
  • Initiate Password Reset:
  • Select ‘Forgot Password?’ just below the password entry field.
  • Follow the prompts to verify your identity. This might involve receiving a code on a secondary email or answering security questions.
  • Enter New Password:
  • Once identity verification is complete, you’ll be prompted to enter a new password.
  • Type in your new password and select ‘Next’ to confirm the change.

Remember, after changing your Outlook password, it’s crucial to update the password settings on your iPhone’s Mail app to ensure uninterrupted email access. This process ensures that your Outlook account, whether accessed via the web or through the iPhone Mail app, remains secure and accessible only to you.

Updating Your Outlook Password in the iPhone Mail App

After successfully resetting your Outlook password, it’s essential to synchronize this change with the iPhone Mail app to maintain seamless email access. Here’s how to ensure your iPhone is up-to-date with your new Outlook credentials:

  • Updating Password in iPhone Settings:
  • Navigate to Settings > Contacts > Accounts on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the Outlook account you wish to update.
  • Select Account again, then tap on the Password field.
  • Enter your new password and ensure it’s saved by tapping Done.
  • Re-Adding the Outlook Account:
  • If updating the password doesn’t sync, consider removing and re-adding your Outlook account:
  • In Settings > Contacts > Accounts, select the Outlook account and tap Delete Account.
  • To re-add, go back to Accounts, tap Add Account, choose Outlook, and follow the prompts, entering your new password when required.
  • Using the Outlook Mobile App:
  • For those utilizing the Outlook mobile app alongside the iPhone Mail app, remember:
  • Open the Outlook app and tap Sign In at the bottom.
  • Enter your email and the newly updated password.
  • If prompted, re-authenticate to finalize the update.

Remember, the Outlook app and the iPhone Mail app manage passwords separately. Updating your password in one does not automatically update it in the other. For a smooth email experience, ensure both are updated post-password change.

Using the Outlook Mobile App to Finalize the Reset

After you’ve reset your Outlook password, ensuring the Outlook mobile app on your iPhone reflects this change is the final step to securing your email access. Here’s how to finalize the password reset process:

  • Sign In with the New Password:
  • Open the Outlook app on your iPhone.
  • Tap ‘Sign In’ at the bottom.
  • Enter your email and the newly updated password, then tap ‘Sign In’.
  • Troubleshooting Sign-in Issues:
  • If you encounter any snags, try resetting the app:
  • Tap on your profile picture at the top left.
  • Select the ‘Settings’ gear icon at the bottom left.
  • Choose your account under ‘Mail Accounts’.
  • Scroll and tap ‘Reset Account’, then hit ‘OK’.
  • Close and reopen the Outlook app after a few minutes.
  • For Persistent Problems:
  • If issues linger after two hours:
  • Consider removing your District email (if applicable) by selecting the ‘Office’ icon, tapping ‘Settings’, choosing the account, and selecting ‘Delete Account’ under ‘Account info’.
  • Re-add your account by tapping ‘Add Account’, following the prompts, and entering your new password.

This approach ensures your Outlook mobile app is in sync with your latest account security settings, keeping your email access both seamless and secure.


Understanding and managing the nuances of resetting and changing your Outlook password from an iPhone mirrors the challenges and complexities many individuals face in the digitized era of communication. This guide, aimed at demystifying the steps necessary to ensure your Microsoft 365 email account remains secure, underscores the importance of a robust digital security posture, a vital aspect of modern tech-savviness. The roadmap provided not only simplifies a potentially intricate process but also empowers users to maintain their digital resilience against the backdrop of ever-evolving cyber threats.

As we encapsulate the essence of this journey—from identifying your account type to synchronizing password changes across your devices—it’s crucial to appreciate the broader implications. This endeavor highlights the intersection of user convenience and security, a delicate balance that businesses and individuals must navigate daily. For those looking into deepening their understanding or seeking assistance in managing their IT landscape more effectively, remember, expertise is just a conversation away. Reach out to us at DataPerk for help with your IT, ensuring your technology solutions are as streamlined and secure as your email management practices.

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Is it possible to modify my Outlook email password directly from my mobile device?

Yes, you can change your Outlook email password on both Android and iPhone devices. To do this, open the Outlook app and tap your profile picture in the top-left corner. Then, tap the Settings gear icon located in the bottom-left corner. Select your Outlook account, scroll down to the bottom, and tap RESET ACCOUNT. You may be prompted to update your password during this process.

What steps should I follow to reset my Outlook password?

To reset your Outlook password, which is also your Microsoft account password, navigate to the Microsoft account security page and choose Password security. You might need to verify your identity with a security code as a precaution. After verification, enter your current password, set a new password, and then click Save to complete the process.

How can I reset my email password on an iPhone?

(This question was left unanswered in the provided information. For resetting an email password on an iPhone, typically, you would go through the settings of the mail app or the settings for your specific email account within the iPhone’s settings menu.)

How can I retrieve my Outlook password using the mobile app?

If you need to find your Outlook password on your phone, ensure your phone is unlocked. On the sign-in screen, enter your email address and select “I forgot my password” below the password text box, then follow the on-screen instructions. For additional support, you can submit your issue on the Outlook for iOS and Android help section. This guidance should assist you in recovering your password.

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